What makes
My Wonderland special?

We're under new ownership!!

In February 2023, My Wonderland was passed into the hands of a local North Auckland family. Step 1 as new owners was to make the playground exceptionally clean. We deep cleaned and repainted and returned the sparkle to the play space and party rooms. We continue uphold this standard and deep clean regularly making sure our ball pit gets a thorough wash also.

As parents of 3 young children, we understand what families want when they come to play… clean, safe, fun and stress-free. Our playground is PlaySafe approved and our cafe is allergy-friendly with no deep fryers anywhere.

What is our "No Child Missing Out" ethos?

We believe that every child deserves to have fun and feel included.

We understand that some children may have sensory or dietary challenges that make it difficult for them to enjoy conventional play spaces. That’s why we have designed our facility to be welcoming and accommodating for all children, regardless of their needs. Whether it’s our low sensory days, our nut-free facility, or our allergy-friendly cafe, we want to make sure that no child misses out on the joy of playing at My Wonderland. We want to hear every child say, “I went to My Wonderland too.”

We know how much it matters for children to connect with their peers and feel like they belong. As parents, we may celebrate our children’s uniqueness, but they crave similarity. That’s why we are committed to creating a play space where every child can have fun, be themselves, and be part of the community.

That’s our “no child missing out” ethos, and it’s something very dear to our hearts.

Our Mission

We aim to provide effortless and stress free parties with decorations that are inspired. 

We’re big believers in supporting local and giving back.

We love to talk to our customers, so if you see us around the playground, please do come say hi.


We care about getting this right. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Please Note:

For hygiene and safety purposes, we do not allow anyone to enter My Wonderland wearing shoes or with bare feet. We highly recommend children wear nonslip socks. All adults and children need to be wearing socks to enter. You are welcome to bring your own or purchase from us. As we run a nut free facility, outside food is strictly not allowed. Thank you.

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Birthday Invitation Cards

Click on an invite card to download it:

Your Party Instructions

Attention: Please ensure that all guests (both children and adults) wear socks inside My Wonderland. 

Outside food and drinks are not allowed however, you are welcome to bring your own cake. Don’t forget your candles and cake knife. 

Food will be served at the start of your party. Please make sure your guests are ready so they can enjoy their food hot and have maximum use of the room. 

We also do not allow piñatas or confetti at My Wonderland. We ask that any helium balloons brought in are tightly secured! :)